News and updates for v4.0/4.1

1) New RunMC version 4.1 (March 2, 2006). For this version, all histograms can be monitored using JAVA Histogram Browser (from the "Tools" menu). ROOT histogram browser also can be used, but only after end of the run. This version works best for the ROOT version 5.06 and higher. For older versions, you may get some messages as "*** Break *** write on a pipe with no one to read it", but you can ignore them.

2) You can update JRunMC version using "Help-JRunMC update". All RMC modules should be updated as well using the JRunMC option "Project-open RMC - Update".

3) Fast detector simulation (SIMDET) for LC is implemented in new module "lc_simdet.rmc" See Simdet web page for details.