RunMC is an object oriented framework to generate and analyse events produced in high-energy collisions using Monte Carlo models.

  1. RunMC can be used to run most recent versions of Monte Carlo models: PYTHIA, HERWIG, ARIADNE, AROMA, LEPTO, CASCADE, PHOJET. The package has been kept as simple as possible with minimal internal/external dependencies, therefore, the Monte Carlo models are included together with the main package;
  2. The output of the Monte Carlo models (the HEPEVT record) is transformed to a C/C++ output based on the LorentzVector class from the CLHEP class library. Therefore, the Monte Carlo output can easily be integrated in the experimental environment of future experiments.
  3. RunMC can fill 1D and 2D histograms. One can calculate cross sections, as well as just histograms for the numbers of events.
  4. RunMC can create ntuples (ROOT trees) and analyse them.
  5. RunMC is fully integrated into ROOT
  6. RunMC has a steering card editor to change initial parameters of Monte Carlo models.
  7. Physics calculations, MC tunings, histogram definitions, etc. can be loaded to RunMC with the same ease as a document can be opened in the Microsoft Word program. In this approach, it is fairly simple to share complicated physics calculations between the users. See RMC modules.
  8. One can see the histograms filled in real-time update mode. One can stop Monte Carlo runs at any time. The status bar shows the fraction of the processed events.
  9. RunMC contains many physics packages for the event shape, jet reconstruction, heavy-flavor physics etc. HZTOOL can also be loaded to RunMC as an external RMC module. Fast detector simulation based on SIMDET can also be loaded to RunMC.