RunMC installation together with CLHEP and ROOT

Installation under GNU/Linux PC requires X11, g++, g77 compilers and zip/unzip. You should have about 500M of free disk space.

How to compile the RunMC package together with CLHEP and ROOT:

This can be done in .bashrc file:

sh family:
export RUNMC=<path>/RunMCv[version]
export PATH=$RUNMC/bin:$PATH
export ROOTSYS=$RUNMC/packages/root
export PATH=$ROOTSYS/bin:$PATH
export CLHEP_PATH=$RUNMC/packages/clhep

then do: "source .bashrc" or open a new terminal.

or for the "csh" shell family (file .cshrc):
setenv RUNMC <path>/RunMCv[version]
setenv PATH ${RUNMC}/bin:${PATH}
setenv ROOTSYS $RUNMC/packages/root
setenv PATH ${ROOTSYS}/bin:${PATH}
setenv CLHEP_PATH $RUNMC/packages/clhep


(replace <path> by the location of RunMCv[version] directory, do not modify anything else)

Type “echo $RUNMC” , to be sure that you set this variable properly. You should see the following directories: “packages”, “build”, “proj”, “main”, “bin” etc. Make sure that ROOT is installed, i.e. type "root" and you should see a splash window. Exit it using ".q".

It is also useful to check your ROOT installation. Do “cd $ROOTSYS/test” and type “make”. If the ROOT is correctly installed, all examples should be compiled without problems.

Then, go to the directory $RUNMC/packages and type "./" to compile the CLHEP and ROOT packages.

When it's done, remove unnecessary object files using "" script.

Then, when the installation is finished, go to the directory $RUNMC/build and type "./" to compile the RunMC program. Note that you may need still to adjust the location of CERNLIB library, however, the locations of CLHEP and ROOT should be already set correctly.

In case of installation problems

This could happen if the static CLHEP library (extention *.a) or ROOT libraries are not properly installed

1) Test ROOT installation as : cd $RUNMC/build/test; ./
2) Test CLHEP installation as : cd $RUNMC/build/test; ./

In case of error messages, reinstall these libraries. Note that I cannot provide the support in case of ROOT/CLHEP problems, so please study the original web pages of ROOT and CLHEP class library;

How to install RunMC under Windows:

Read the instruction on this web page