How to install RunMC on Windows

  1. Install recent version of Cygwin. Install the base packages, and, in addition, the following packages: zip, unzip, g++, g77, make, X11, X11lib (X11 library for X11 development, this is necessary for ROOT installation); Use “UNIX” file system for Cygwin installation;

  2. Install ROOT. How to build the ROOT under Cygwin is documented on the ROOT web page;
  3. Download the main RunMC program for Linux. Gunzip and untar the package as described in the RunMC web page;
  4. Download the additional package called runmc_win32-[version]. It includes compiled (gcc3.3) CLHEP and a few CERNLIB libraries which are necessary to build Monte Carlo models. It also has several scripts to change options in RunMC makefiles.
  5. gunzip runmc_win32-[version].tar.gz; tar -vxf runmc_win32-[version].tar (note the package may have a version number, therefore, use appropriate name for the [version]). This will create build-win32 directory;
  6. Now set up bash environmental variables. Include in your ".bashrc" file the following lines:
    # set RUNMC variables
    export RUNMC=/home/sergei/work/RunMC        #  specify correct location of RunMC directory
    export RUNMCwin32=`cygpath -da $RUNMC`    # only for Cygwin/windows - do not modify
    export PATH=$RUNMC/bin:$PATH                    # do not modify
  7. If this is done, do "source  .bashrc";
  8. Copy build-win32 directory to $RUNMC/, i.e do "mv build-win32 $RUNMC/"
  9. Now, go to $RUNMC/build-win32 and type "./". This should compile the RunMC.
  10. In order to use RunMC together with ROOT, first you should start X-windows on Cygwin, and only then start RunMC program.

Note that if CYGWIN does not have libtermcap library installed, CASCADE Monte Carlo will not be compliled. CASCADE library assumes that this library is located here /usr/lib/termcap/libtermcap.a

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